Services and Rates:

Proofreading:  When proofreading a document, I look for, and correct, issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage. $20/hr.

Editing:  When I edit a document, I do all of the above, plus check for consistency in verb tense, pronoun use, and voice. $25/hr.

Light Revision:  Light revision involves all of the above and looking for wording and clarity issues at the sentence level.  In doing light revision, I also check paragraphing, suggesting breaks or deleting them where necessary. $30/hr.

"Global" or Large Scale Revision:  At this level, I do all of the above, in addition to working on overall cohesion, structure, organization, and logic. $35/hr.

*Note:  All clients will be provided a free estimate before work on their documents begins.  

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Michelle Parkinson